Join us, join a leading Company.  -  Your Job: Human Performance, Passion, Unique. - Our Job: Innovation Leadership, Equality, Unique. 


At WAIDHOFER, you´ll find a dedicated and talented group of people who enjoy their work and take pride in their accomplishments. We solve some of the world´s most complex defense, aviation, and security challenges. 

As a member of our team, you´ll have the oppurtunity to work cutting technology and store of the industriy´s most brillant minds. 

At the WAIDHOFER - DiNelly, we have an exciting diverse range of opportunities for talented individuals a all

skills levels. We offer a challenging, but rewarding journey, from apprentices through to experienced 


Be a game changes in tomorrow´s innovation and start a career with purpose - join our team. 

  • Walk a stage of your Career toghether.
  • We have Mentors.
  • Build your Team everywhere, our Systems are there. 

Our Pricipals:

  • Passion
  • Equality
  • Innovation Leadership

Contact us - We could tell you all about what it´s like to work here. Our greatest asset is our people, and to attract and engage the best.

Make a difference every day - WDeXo

At WAIDHOFER - DiNelly, not only is the nature of the work we do important, everyone has an impotant role to play, from caring for vulnerable people to managing complex public services. 

Our culture is bases on set of values - Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride - that shape our individual behaviours and hence the way the company behaves. They ensure we are all working from a commonly understood base that can be consistently applied across our  organisation

Our values need to be lived every day, used to help us work through any challanges we may face and help us recognise and celebrate our achievements. They guide us in our dealings with collegues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the communities we serve. 

It is important that we hold oursleves and others accountable for our values every das and have defined a set of behauviours that are expected from all of us. They describe how our behaviours bring WAIDHOFER´s values to life. 

There are also some additional expectations for those of us who have a reponsibility for managing people as well as our leaders. 

Our Pricipals:

  • Passion
  • Equality
  • Innovation Leadership

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