DiNelly Aircraft - a registered & certified Defense Company. We Design, Manufacture, Upgrade & Support, Deal, Air- Land- Sea- Crafts.  

DiNelly Aircraft - Specialist & Professionals for: Versatile- Mission Operation Aircrafts - OPV- UAS - UAV - RPAS - VTOL - STOL - Mil- Police

Working Places of the 21th Century: DiNelly Aircrafts | Trendsetting - Impressive - Unique: DiNelly eXoRotorcraft OPV | Forward-looking

DiNelly at a Glance: Pioneer with FlyingTaxi | Multicopter as OPV. Since 2011. DiNelly invented a new Aircraft Type: eXoRotorCraft OPV

#1 Modular OPV:

eXoRotorcraft (modular)

  • Gyrocopter
  • Helicopter
  • Coaxial-Helicopter
  • Flettner-Helicopter
  • Multicopter
  • FlyingTaxi
  • HeleXo
  • eXoTaxi

Pioneer since 2011:

#1 Modular OPV

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